a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Thrift store finds

gay perfume I couldn’t find this Gay parfum by Albert anywhere on the web.  It’s a spicy nice scent and it was only dollar!  Smells like Faberge’s Aphrodisia. What a find.   a later update: I have  find out that this perfume has a strong carnation accord.  It’s a certain spicy fragrance that I can now identify. That’s the beauty of fragrances- identifying  all the different  scents.

This percolator coffee pot  is stunningly elegant and it works!  Got the diner coffee cup too at the thrift sale.   Those old diner cups are very heavy.  Makes me feel like I’m out at an old cafe having a cup of 30 cent coffee!  He he he.  The coffee pot was 10.00

This percolator coffee is so much better than drip coffee.  When is it going to make a comeback in all the stores?   My Mom and Dad didn’t even have such a fancy percolator as this one is.


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