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homemade toothpaste

image There are recipes online for making your own tooth powder/toothpaste which led me to my own concoction. I just happened to have the essential oils since I have some for the salve I make. Only a few recipes had olive oil. I put olive oil in because it makes the baking soda have a nice consistency. Forget the salt, with baking soda in it, who needs the salt? It’s hard on your teeth from what I read.

I was reading about the evils of glycerine which is in the healthy toothpastes. I had a neat cobalt blue small jar from some ointment that was in a bath and body jar from a long time ago. Used that for the container. Here’s my concoction:

  • baking soda (about 2 TBSP)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • few drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • few drops of myrrh essential oil
  • few drops of clove essential oil
  • few drops of peppermint essential oil

I like the grapefruit oil in it. Meant to put orange essential oil in it, so it was a mistake but the grapefruit is welcome taste. This stuff is real good and cheap if you have a few essential oils. I keep mine in the fridge in this hot weather.

update 9 days later: this stuff is great! I won’t go back to regular store toothpaste now that I can make this.

almost 3 yrs later- my toothpaste just got better.

It got better by using raw unrefined food grade coconut oil which calms the spices down and the baking soda.  It protects the gums.  I tried anise oil, more of the orange ones: tangerine, mandarin and  sweet orange.  Spearmint- that’s great in a toothpaste.  Frankincense too.  All therapeutic grade oils that you can put in toothpaste.  Sea salt-  not to much just a little.

Nothing compares with this toothpaste.  Let your gums be the judge.


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