a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Tea Time

Ice tea with lemon in it is what we have a lot of in hot weather. Went to Walmart and got a nice glass pitcher with a lid on it. Recently at the dentist office in town I saw a big container of sun tea by a window with tea bags in it, sun streaming in the window sill. I went home and made sun tea on my porch that very day.
My sister told me that sun tea can produce mold and and that I better make my tea on a daily basis (I threw out my glass of ice tea I just poured from the refrigerator; the tea that was sitting in the fridge for 4 days) now I make it fresh everyday!

I still like sun tea but will throw out any leftover tea at the end of the day from now on. Have a great day everyone, July is almost over! I’m planting more lettuce today so we’ll have some in the fall.  Have a great day everyone!

photo used with permission from Mrs Meredith

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