a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Montale Ouds

Don’t let life pass you by without trying the Montale Ouds!  Samples are the best way to try them.  They last more than the usual perfumes.

Some are good some are bad.  The 3 most beautiful ones  out of all the rest are as follows:

  1. Aoud  Queen Roses,
  2. Oud Lime,
  3. Black oud.
  4. Golden Oud is good too for an honorable mention as well as Oud Rose Petals.

White Oud is sickly vanilla while Oud Velvet and Oud Blossom are depressingly too candy sweet.  One has mandarin and the other has orange in it so I thought I’d like them.  Wrong.   Damascus Rose is kind of pretty with a minty flair to it but oh so weak that they must have forgot the oud from what I smell.

Aoud Queen Rose and Oud Rose Petals are so similar that I don’t know why they made both.   Oud Rose Petals has cederwood in it but it smells like Queen Rose does too.   Reminds me of Fendi some 20 yrs ago that I used to wear.  Love that Cederwood.  Oud and roses go together like a perfect marriage and that is why Black Oud is so good too, has roses in it.  It’s strong and a bit mescaline so Queen Rose is the one for ladies.  It’s so beautiful and long lasting for those who get hot flashes.

Hot flashes  use up your perfume when your temperature soars and you feel like you’re in a hot sauna.  Maybe that is why middle aged women need stronger perfume.

Now for the Lime Oud.  It is the best thing I ever smelled  and  once while wearing it, I  cut up a lime to put in a glass of water.   Wow, it’s so wearable for a women, just a nice everyday summer scent that is listed as one of their unisex fragrances.  I detect Vetiver in there, real nice.   If you get one of these stronger ones like  Aoud Queen Rose, Oud Lime, or Black Oud; the bottle will last a long time.  And if you don’t know- Oud is agar wood aged in a cave.


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