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Mom’s need to protect their own

Here’s a good article on protecting your children from pedophiles as it relates a true story on why the boy didn’t get molested in his story. Becoming a Bear . The article is from the No greater joy website from October 07 . I don’t advocate everything they teach, but this article is on target about protecting your kids.   This particular pedophile knew his mom was a “Mama bear” in that she would raise a ruckus if he did anything questionable to her son.

Just be aware Mom. Be aware of your children’s surroundings. Wish it was preached from the pulpit. Mom’s guard your children. Don’t let your child be an offender or a victim. It is Mothers who need to teach purity to their own children. Men and boys protect the women in their life, they don’ t do wrong to them, that is what Mom should be letting their sons know.

That’s one reason why Mom’s need to be a guard of the home. Years ago I read an article on baseball coaches who get to know the parents before molesting the boys. I think that article was in Newsweek or Time magazine. I read it as I was in the waiting room of the doctor’s office with my home care patient.

Boys get molested in hotel rooms at overnight church youth events too. Don’t let your boy go if he’s too young. Why should he go without his dad anyway?

Then there’s the man from Texas, Joe Barron, who was driving to see the girl he chatted with online (arrested in May ) .    He got caught! He had some very illegal bad intentions.   My question is this: where was her mom? I know it’s all too easy to hide what your doing on the computer from parents, but the question is- was mom close enough to her 13 yr old daughter to see what was up? Moms and their children have to be close and go where there children go. Girls don’t go out alone, Moms. Stay close to your daughters.

Here’s the marriage counselor chat room skunk. He was on the pastoral staff at his church counseling the married couples, had a mission trip for this summer planned that included young people from his church.

chat room skunk was heading to teens home with video webcam



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