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About that perfume book

Perfume: The Guide is the name of the book.   Luca Turin and Tanya Sanchez are the authors.  Wouldn’t you like to see their perfume collection!  I found some of the perfumes that were rated high by them wouldn’t be ones I’d buy, in fact one of them I gave away last year since I couldn’t stand it. It was Tea Rose by Perfumers workshop and he gave it 4 stars which means: recommended. How could he do that? I would have gave it only one star.

I have a sample of Clinique’s Happy heart and really like it. What is it about that perfume? It’s the papaya and I only knew it was because I read it in this book.

I’m glad they wrote the book. Helps me narrow down the samples I’d like to try, but in all the samples I’ve tried, none have come close to L’origan the best perfume ever created. If you spray a cotton shirt or the top of a dress with perfume before putting on the shirt, your fragrance will wear better on you.

I like to read about the copy cats. One grand perfume is made and for years other perfumes come out trying to copy it, so it’s better to get the best version of it which is usually the forerunner first scent.

Raiding Grandma’s perfume is what men are supposed to do and the reason is because —– I forgot, but it has something to do with the way men’s fragrances are composed now; they are not as good as years gone by.

So many tidbits about perfumes in the book… for instance, Lady Stetson is just like another perfume- was it Chanel 19? Can’t remember exactly, but it’s even better than expensive Chanel 19. I haven’t yet tried Lady Stetson, but I always see it at Wal-mart.

The library has this book and I think I was the first to read it as well as the first to even turn the pages in it, it was that new. Everybody is commenting on this new book on perfume websites, so if you don’t read it, you can still read about it on-line.

I bet the sales of Bulgaria’s Black have sky-rocketed since Tanya Sanchez recommended the readers to try it, which  probably makes me not the only one with a sample of it on my dresser since the book came out! Rubber, black tea, powder and vanilla- Not to bad, I wear it every now and then.


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