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New Ironing Board Cover

May20309 May20310 May20312

Here it is all finished in the first photo. In the 2nd photo you can see some of my shoddy work. I left the old (blue) cover on and you see a little old foam sticking out, the drawstrings too. On top of that old blue cover is a year old one from Walmart and the reason why it doesn’t show is this: I cut out this pale aqua material and fitted it under the elastic edging of the old Walmart cover.

What lazy ole me has is a nice cotton iron board top that is tucked under the Wall-mart elastic trim iron board cover and that whole shebang is fitted around the old old blue iron board cover with drawstrings. I made more shortcuts than the lady I got the idea from who made her own tutorial on her blog tutorial for an iron cover. Lisa Lam is her name and U-handbag is the name of her blog. There are others out there too. I’ll need another tutorial when this new one wears out and I finally uncover the other 2 Iron board covers underneath .

And by the way, see the spray starch on the ironing table? If you iron your cotton slips with it, you’ll feel all the prettier.


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