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Slips- Ladies unmentionables are important

Sometimes you have to take inventory and throw out some old under things that don’t fit. Bras matter. Good fitting bras really do matter. Go onto Hanes, Playtex or some other bra website and it’ll show you how to measure for you size. I was really surprised when I did their measuring method and realized I was buying the wrong size! Once I got into the specific right size, it really made a difference.

this photo- a slip from dandelionvintage.com website. Isn’t it darling? Wish I had a pattern for it.Great all around bodice for a slip

If you wear a dress you have to wear a decent slip to go along with it.  Try a half slip. The look in a dress is not complete without the slip because you need a little fluff under the dress or just a light “swish” to the garment to give it shape. I made a slip out of a Hanes T shirt and put a skirt on it. It works great for sheer dresses. So many dresses are sheer these days, especially summer ones. Why show your bra in the back?

You feel prettier with a nice slip on and you can never have too many. As you walk and move in your dress, you will have your configuration (the outline of your body in the dress) shaped and looking more decent if you have the right slip underneath.  I wish I had a black slip like these two below.

One nice black slip!

another great black slip

Can’t sew that good?

Than start on slips! Doesn’t matter if you make a mistake since it’s a pretty well hidden. Look at the drape of your dress. Is it clingy or not hanging right? You might have the wrong type of slip underneath. Do you even have a slip on? I’ve been sewing some slips and camisoles and having a ball! It’s so much cheaper too.

cotton slips on the clothesline

Don’t neglect cotton slips for your dress needs. Every slip doesn’t have to be polyester. The cotton ones hold perfume nicely unlike the polyester, but the light feeling of a polyester slip feels silky, which is nice; so have some of both! Use a dress pattern and bring the neckline down more for your next slip- it works,  I’ve tried it.

I want it!

Right slip for the right dress:

An A line dress needs an A line slip. The bodice/skirt dresses look best in the same kind of slip. The right slip takes care of the problem of the skirt of the dress clinging to your legs. Those culotte slips are great to wear but a regular slip still has to be worn for the drape of the dress to hang correctly. You can wear both culotte and a regular slip at the same time.

I see a lot of girls and young ladies wearing the type of skirt that is in need of a slip like this. Try sewing one!

Girls and slips:

If you wait till you have a 18 yr old and think you’ll put slips in her closet, think again. We’re creatures of habit and if she’s not wearing one now do you think she’ll want to be enthusiastic about wearing slips as her form goes to adulthood? Start young. A 10-12 yr old girl doesn’t always need a bra right away but a slip she’ll always need, camisoles too. That first sign of a chest changing can be covered nicely with doubling the material on a home made camisole.

I wish I would have had more slips for my daughter. We went with the slip culottes all these years and old habits are hard to break. A slip and a slip culotte should be worn together for many outfits. Start while they are young!

girls slip from hannah Andersson

A flowing garment will need a flowing slip

Our garments should flow as we walk. If we as ladies (young and old) understand this concept, then our whole idea of what we’re wearing will change! Many girls and young ladies give the impression that they’ll wear a dress, but it’ll be tight fitting, tight enough to not need a slip!

Years ago one lady from church did a study on modesty and she said the word modesty means “to flow”. The garments must be flowing is what she meant. It’s true. All this tight fitting clothing that girls and moms wear to church and everywhere else (I’m talking about girls and moms with some kind of Christian emphasis in the home) isn’t modest. It originated as the hard nightclub look with slits from how I understand it .

Plus size ladies need slips and flare.

One thing about those dresses from the 50’s that have ample room in the skirt part of the dress;  room to move !  Mrs Cleaver  from Leave it to Beaver was very thin and wore  dresses that have a big skirt.  They looked good on her.  The flared out skirt is real feminine.  The fit and flair type of skirt outfits and dresses are the best to fit a plus size back view .

This lady forgot to put her slip on today

You have to give your rear some room.  (lady in photo above is showing her smiley undies) It’s a huge problem (oh what a pun that sounds like!) to find skirt outfits and dresses that are not straight cut but are flared out. You can purposely look for them but they are not always found and when you do find a decent flared out dress, it’s not long enough for taller ladies.  That’s where sewing comes in handy.

a beautiful vintage pink slip

Don’t you wish you had  a  slip just like this one?  It’s real feminine!


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  1. Amy

    Hmm…I’m not sure I really know anyone who wears slips anymore.

    May 15, 2008 at 9:01 pm

  2. fatuousfury

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog. This post was informative, I look forward to reading more I like vintage slips as well.

    May 28, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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