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Angel perfume is awful (imo)

angel perfume is dangerous That’s what this article says. Doesn’t matter to me since it’s an awful perfume, in my opinion, yet many many people like it.  Angel is  a mans cologne, and a  womens. First time I sprayed my little sample it was nice to wear, but after that the novelty wears off.   Patchouli and tobacco* mixed in with chocolate and is that a hint of cherry? It’s so un-pretty.     On a man it might be great but don’t you want to feel pretty? That’s why I wear perfume.

angel perfume

What a deceptive name for a fragrance. I’d call it something else because of its staying power.  I’d call it- Enslave.   There are so many better, much better ones to wear, but if you have a sample, I’d say give it to a man but after reading this article on the dangers of it–better not give it to a loved one.

* Tobacco isn’t always bad. It’s a wonderful fragrance it it’s mixed right or all by itself. I have some tobacco oil that is so sweet and wearable. I wear it about once every 2 months.

I still have one sample of it, so once or  twice a year  I’ll put it on when I want something strong .  Might seem weird to you but sometimes you just want something awful.  Can you believe Luca Turin put this in his top 10?  It seems more of a scent for men, so it makes sense he likes it.


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