a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Cake time

bakers chocolate Here’s a stack of Bakers unsweetened chocolate. Took this picture some time ago but today I made a chocolate cake off the Bakers web site and it called for 8 squares which is one whole box! Yes it’s true that cake mixes are a cheaper way to make a cake, but not always better, just more convenient . I like to use eggs from my hens, my homemade vanilla and Bakers chocolate. Some cake mixes have coconut oil in them which makes them wonderfully rich. Here’s the link to the recipe I used. Bakers 225 anniversary cake recipe This recipe had no baking powder in it, just baking soda. I thought all cakes had baking powder in em.  Ok cake,  but kind of dry compared to other recipes.

bakers chocolate cake may7 08 I made it into a rectangle Pyrex glass pan instead of a layer cake. I didn’t swirl all the melted bakers chocolate completely. At the last minute I thought I’d have a marble cake. Wrong- the bakers chocolate was too harsh all by itself. Usually in a marble cake you add a little of the batter to the melted chocolate, but it was still good, just darker chocolate tasting.

You wouldn’t believe how much the pint of Lucerne whip cream was at Safeway- $3.60 Can you believe it? Bought it for the frosting.


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