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Here’s our garden for starters

garden april 26

Here it is! The big stakes are pole beans (from Brenda), to the left is cantaloupe, carrots, and dwarf sugar peas (peas from my sister). To the right of the big stakes of pole beans are: brussel sprouts (good for cancer), lettuce, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon. Finally I used string from one end of the planted row to the other. (even though you can’t see it in the photo) .

imageHere’s the orbit brand tripod brass impact sprinkler that we’re using. It goes all around. Cost about $35.00 or 40.

sprinkler 2 See the tripod sprinkler in action? Men sure have a lot of strength as my husband used the rototiller and seeder besides moving a big huge compost pile. Too much for me, I had to go make a hamburger after 2 hours of work!


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