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Oscar de la Renta

I just discovered  Oscar even though it came in 1977.    To me this fragrance is just like L’Air du Temps.   I  loved L’Air du Temps when it came about the same time as Oscar.   These two fragrances are a  great substitute for Chanel 5.   Chanel 5 isn’t strong enough for me as it was 25 yrs ago.

Its so light and feminine- the jasmine.  That’s what makes it so pretty.  All 3 of these perfumes have that in common, the jasmine and roses.   How can you wear Oscar  in blue jeans?  You have to have a dress on with Oscar, even if it’s a  casual one.

http://boisdejasmin.typepad.com/_/2005/11/sweet_and_powde.html Do you really want to read more?  Go to this link  and read about ionones.    Oscar has some similarities to  L’origan, no wonder I like it.  L’origan is beautiful and the vintage is unmistakably better than the current version that has more synthetics in it to replace some real ingredients.

My husband asked if I just sprayed perfume and I said yes, did you want to smell those potato pancakes I just made?  (He doesn’t eat them) so I think he prefers the Oscar DE la Renta.


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