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Myrrh / Rose geranium hand salve

Myrrh tree (shrub)

I love strong scents and this myrrh and rose geranium hand salve I recently made is quite fragrant. Myrrh grows as a small shrub, looks like a sage bush that you see out here in the Pacific Northwest, but can get as tall as a peach tree. It has a woodsy scent to it, strong but nice to wear. It was used in embalming back in Egyptian times and is collected by the sap of the tree (shrub).

Flowering Rose Geranium

a flowering Rose geranium

Rose geranium is an evergreen perennial plant from the same family of geraniums that are commonly grown in yards. The essential oil comes from the leaves and the pink flowers. I put it in the salve because I read they go together- myrrh and rose geranium. As I look on-line for rose geranium information I am finding it in cakes, ice cream, and other goodies; but I like it in salve!


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