a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

ladies of another era

victorian-lady-6.jpgOn the web there are sites where they have old photographs of ladies which is neat to see what their dresses looked like. These aren’t close ups, these 3 photographs, but are much bigger on-line so you can notice their detailed dresses and hats. The material for all their outfits must be cotton, wool, or silk or a combination. Did they haven any other types of material to work with?
I’ve noticed the material seems heavier, sure is different and another observation is that they are all well covered. The Edwardian gowns (not shown here ) are very busty and low cut like in that 1996 movie “Sensibility”, but most of the photos I’ve seen of ladies from years gone by in the Victorian Era are those of well covered ladies.
Everything today is so sheer. You got to have some ample under garments on to look decent. Some of the photos were those of ladies wearing corsets underneath their dresses and the only way I know is by the way the dress looked. One lady’s rib cage was noticeably affected by the corset she was wearing. I read that the  corsets changed the rib cage structure if they were too tight and redistributed the ladies  intestines .


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