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Black Cashmere by Donna Karen

You have to have a perfume collection even if it is a small one because who’d want to wear just a summery light scent all the time and not add a little intrigue and distinct darkness once in awhile. Black Cashmere has incense and woodsy scents which are inviting to smell and the perfume came out in 2002. Even though it is discontinued, you can buy it on E-bay.
black-cashmere.jpg There are reviews out there that are much more eloquent than mine, still, I have to tell you that it does remind me of incense in a catholic church- I love that smoky resin smell and I remember the priest swaying that big incense metal thing while walking down the isle. What special catholic day was that? Can’t remember but it must have been once a year. The EDP is what I have and it smells the best after you’ve worn it for an hour or two. African Wedgwood ? Neat ingredient, must be what gives it that woodsy smell.
notes- saffron, masala spices, cloves, nutmeg, pimento berries, white pepper CO2 extract, Mediterranean broom flower, Patchouli Singapour, Crimson Red Marechal Rose, Ethiopian Guggal incense, Wengue Wood.
A different perfume site describes it as having: Patchouli, jasmine and heliotrope.
For some days this is just the thing. It’s heavy and strong but pleasant too. I love smelling it. Don’t let it fool you on the first whiff when you spray it because the cloves disappear fast. It changes after an hour and goes to a woodsy incense fragrance that lasts and makes you feel like you’ve just gone through a cloud of bonfire smoke.
Some more thoughts on “Black Cashmere”:
I’m glad I have a bottle but it is a novelty fragrance for me since it doesn’t make me feel pretty like “Oscer de la Renta” does or Chanel 5  and the rest of those aldehyde fragrances.
9 month update: It’s all I want to wear this fall (08).  I love it.  That is the funny thing about perfume- you can crave one scent for a time period before wanting another type of fragrance.

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