a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

in the hen house

hens-roosting-jan-10-08.jpg Night time in the hen house. Here they are roosting for the night, 6 of the 26 hens in their coop. They like the roost in the far back because it’s the highest one. Notice how they are facing the wall; I forget to turn off the heat lamp at night and it’s not dark enough for them.
hens-on-board-jan-10-08.jpg These are the bottom level of hens roosting on a long board propped up. Above them are the nice nesting boxes that they don’t use too much for laying eggs but they roost on them at night.
hen-laying-egg.jpg Here’s where they like to lay their eggs. In this big orange pot for flowers. I fill the bottom with a lot of dirt for weight so they won’t tip it over, then a bunch of straw on top . She’s just laid her egg and is hopping off the pot (This one is 1/2 buff orpington and 1/2 Rhode Island red). Behind her are the 19 Rhode Island Reds that are a few months old.

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