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Caron perfumes


Caron in Paris! where photo is from


The reformulated versions are not the same as the wonderful vintage ones, yet Tabac Blond smells good to me.  Caron perfumes are something to look into if you like perfume. The man Earnest Daltruff who created the early 1900 fragrances makes me curious about how he put them together and I’m even more curious to try his perfumes. I spent my birthday money on Caron samples where as I probably should have bought more dish towels instead, but good sense directed me otherwise. Here are my reviews of these 5 Caron perfumes:

  • Nuit de Noel:  Made in 1922 by Ernest Daltroff. This is a winter perfume that I love. Wish I had a fireplace to sit by when wearing this one. I knew it would be for me when I read the online reviews about it because I love spice. Now I know I need every one of Ernest Daltroff’s creations since they all have the same base to it. About a dozen are not being made anymore but some of the others are.   The older ones have been re-formulated and I"m passing them up for other perfumes, but because of the reformulationsyou can see why vintage perfumes on Ebay are so popular.


  • Narcisse Noir:    Made in 1911 by Ernest Daltroff. I really need some of this for my dresser top. Should have had this years ago. It’s a little different than Nuit de Noel because of the spicy oranges and whatever else I can’t tell right now. I love this mans perfumes! His "spicy carnation and whatever else it is base" is better than youth dew, better than all the spicy perfumes out on the market today, but it’s been reformulated, that is the bad news about it.
  • Aimez-Moi: This is a recent one made in 1996 by Creations Aromatiques (Harmann and Reimer). Smells like rain and would be nice for hot weather. I smell melons in it. It’s ok but it is not from Ernest Daltroff.
  • Farnesiana:  Made in 1947 by Michel Morsetti. I like this one and it almost smells like an Ernest Daltroff creation but it’s not.
  • Parfum Sacre: Another newer one made in 1990 by Jean Pierre Bethouertt (Firmenich) What a feminine fragrance and very likable with a little fruit smell in there, but I’m hooked on Daltroff’s fragrances and only want those.
  • Tabac Blond is the best, so it needs it’s very own post- you can put tabac blond in the search thing on the front page of this blog for the current post on it.

A note about Earnest Daltroff:

He was a Russian Jew who had to flee France in 1939.   good thing he made these dark inviting perfumes before that year!  about Earnest Daltroff


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