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Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee

bach-02.jpg painting  of Bach done when he was 30 yrs old by– I don’t know who.

About Johann S. Bach’s  hymn “Now Let every tongue Adore Thee”:

In 1731 at 46 yrs old Bach wrote the music to what was  written by a Phillipp Nicolai almost 200 years before his time (1599) in which the words were in German (according to  Cyber Hymnal).  Phillipp Nicolai was Lutheran and saw a lot of death and dying  of his parishioners caused by plague.  Maybe that is why he penned this song  with all the dying going on.  He was in a Catholic area, Unna Westphalia which is the reason he and his parishioners had to meet privately.   He wrote a book the same year he wrote this hymn, the year 1599.  The title of the book is  “Joyous Mirror of Eternal Life”

Couldn’t find much else about this hymn but I sure do love singing it around the house.


Here are the words:

Now let every tongue adore thee!

Let men with angels sing before thee!

Let harps and cymbals now unite!

All the gates with pearls are glorious,

Where we partake with faith victorious,

With angles round Thy throne with light,

No mortal eye hath seen, no mortal ear hath heard,

Such wondrous things;

Therefore with joy our song shall soar

In praise to God forevermore.


One response

  1. Bob Little

    Elizabeth, (May I call you Liz?) you sure do love singing it around the house? I wish I could join you! but if you took the melody I’d sing bass, for the choir leader of a church choir I once sang in told us “J. S. Bach must have loved basses for he gave them all the interesting, moving parts.” How true! Is singing Bach uplifting? Grand? Inspiring? Well, yeah, I guess so, but mostly it’s just a helluva lot of fun. Another Philipp Nicolai hymn that’s been harmonized by Bach, and almost as much fun as “Now let every tongue,” is “O Morning Star, how fair and bright….”

    May 30, 2010 at 4:33 am

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