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Comforting your children

I heard a great sermon on-line about Fathers comforting their children coming from 1 Thessalonians 2:11,12 from Pastor Paulson in WA. Here’s the link:

CorrectionGrievous.html(here are the notes)

correction should be comforting, not grievious (Here’s the video of the sermon)

Messages like this one are helping parents make changes in how they relate to their kids.  It helped me a lot too.

This particular sermon was the Sunday pm 16th one entitled “Correction Should be Comforting not Grievous”. If you have kids in the house than you need to exhort (encourage), charge (witness or testify to something) and comfort. This sermon focused in on the comfort part.

Being corrected in the right way should bring comfort, trust, assurance, caring, growing. There’s a lot more in the one hour and 15 minute message on comforting your children than I can tell you about here. The notes are on-line too and are helpful in understanding the sermon.


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