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chemo hats (my hat solution)

This post is for those who have lost their hair due to chemo as I did even though I only had one treatment than quit. I realize others Google “chemo hats” in hopes of solutions and find their way here by my title: Chemo hats.

I have some hat solutions! (after looking online for hats and head wraps that I can’t afford).

  1. I have a solid cotton cloth that I wrap around my head for a turban and then tie a pretty sheer or colorful scarf around that to match whatever I’m wearing.

  2. I sewed up a dish towel that doesn’t look like a dish towel to make a “nun” hat that I wear under a wig.

  3. I’m reading books on millinery from the library to make my own! I’ll update this post later when I finish sewing up some hats with interfacing and material. photos coming soon!

updated: Here they are!

hat-front-fiew.jpg picture-001.jpg 1. Front view of the hat (candle used for the model). 2. back view of hat before I put the bow on it. It has a crown, stand and a brim. That’s it- the 3 main parts to a hat. I made this one and the hat below today (Monday, sept 17th).
.back-of-hat-bow.jpg Here’s the back view of the hat- a nice bow.

making-the-hat-interfacing.jpg Here’s the crown and stand made of stiff interfacing. That’s how I started it.

Here’s another hat:

hat-laura-ashley-material.jpghat-better-view-laura-ashley.jpg This hat was made from Laura Ashley material. It is a cloche style. I used real stiff interfacing, good for a firm brim that you can turn any which way. Notice the brim is a different pattern than the hat part. The good thing about this hat and the one above is that they both cover the ears which is needful if your hair hasn’t grown back yet.

Dollar Store Hat

hat-blue-one.JPG This one is a dollar store hat but I spruced it up with a scarf I had.  All these hats cover most of the ears which is something you need when you don’t have hair.

Pet Peeve– chemo gals with baseball caps on, looks weird.

Interesting tid bits:

  • Lots of men over 50 smile as they see me out in public with my big neat TJ Max wide brim hat. I think they just like hats.

  • When I wear my wig—there’s a colored scarf underneath the wig– Ladies notice my wig and scarf and look. Do they know it’s a wig?

  • 2 more hats to look at –Sept 24  “New Hat”          Sept 25  “Another day, another hat”     Don’t miss em!

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