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This salve just got better

mar06195.jpg It is the apricot kernel oil (food grade) that made this salve even better than it is. It’s quite a moisturizer from the looks of my hands and face. B- 17 is what apricot kernel oil contains which destroys cancer cells. It is a staple in my homemade salve from now on.

Another benefit from apricot kernel oil is that you can use it in salad dressing if you get the food grade kind.


Using the Vita Mix to process salve

In my most recent batch of salve I seeped dried calendula flower heads in the oil and then put the mixture in the Vita Mix to mix thoroughly. I didn’t strain it but instead, added the beeswax. Wow, it is a beautiful orange colored salve that smells like the calendula flower which has a citrus orange smell to it. Should be used up within 3 months since there are no preservatives in it. I really like his batch.

Calendula flower heads are supposed to help prevent the infection of lacerated wounds from what I’ve read. Carotenoids (gives it it’s color), volatile oil and resins are what the flower heads consist of . You see it in salve ingredients often because it’s good for the skin as in helping diaper rash, cuts scrapes, fungus issues (ringworm, athletics foot) and sore nipples from breast feeding.

http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_calendula.htm is where I found this info.


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