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Pure White Linen

pure-white-linene.jpg I love this perfume which is supposed to be compared to Chanel 19 (by Lucas Turin) but it is even better than Chanel 19. My husband bought it for me a while back for a gift and he pleasantly surprised me by picking out a winner. How did he know it was a very good quality perfume?

I’ll tell you what this perfume reminds me of by describing a summer picnic – A white tablecloth under a big shady tree, but the tablecoth is in the sun by now and the sun is hot, really hot. The pollen on the flowers are at it’s peak with bees around them and you can smell the fragrant flowers in the hot sun.It is a long lasting perfume. I just love it but don’t want to wear it all the time. I have to switch off and have a few different ones or life would be boring.

Here are the notes in it: grapefruit, mandrian, iced rose tea, raspberry, pear, granny smith apple, dewy greens, lily, white freesia, white ginger, cardomon, red tulips, rose absolute, honeysuckle, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, iris, osmantus, white cederwood, patchouli, white heliotropine.

Update– I detect a lily of the valley scent. No wonder I love this perfume. Jasmine is often put in place of lily of the valley in fragrances (there is jasmine in the ingredients) but it smells like Lily of the Valley . Lily of the valley can’t be extracted so it’s never an essential oil you smell but it’s lovely all the same.

It’s so calming and feminine… how can you be without it? Would like to have Jessica McClintrick’s perfume some day since that smells like lily of the valley too.

Doesn’t have to be spring to enjoy Lily of the valley!


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