a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

In gratitude of a fine group of ladies

There’s a fine group of ladies that have been so caring and Christ-like with the news of this breast cancer and I want to tell you about them because these are Christian women shining for the Lord, they’re from church. Cards, notes, gifts, phone calls, visits, meals, and on and on is what they’ve showered me with. I thank the Lord for each and every one of those sister’s in Christ. Here’s a few details:

The never ending balloon

Brenda’s balloon had helium in it that would not quit. This get well balloon on a string lasted about 30 days . I’ve never seen anything like it. It made me smile how it stayed up there in the air.

Special visits

One time I received a visit from 3 ladies (Jackie, Holly, Lisa) and a real nice spaghetti dinner. That was a special day. They even cleaned my kitchen counters and brought me a Bolthouse fruit drink. Dawn and Monica were the first to visit before I had my surgeries.

Gifts that cheer you up

I have a chicken clock that reminds me of Loretta visiting, a chicken watering can from Jackie, phone calls from Paula, and Brenda K.’s cheerfulness and understanding as she went through her mom having cancer.

Helping me when I had surgeries

Kathy and Jackie got me to the hospital when I couldn’t drive.

This isn’t a complete list but wanted you to know that these ladies and others were very kind to me.  They are in Christ, meaning they know they are going to heaven because Jesus died for their sins and rose again.   Not all ladies believe in the blood of Jesus taking away their sin but these women do.


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