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Beyond Paradise perfume

beyond-paradise.jpg Lucas Turin the big perfume expert says wonderful things about this perfume from Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder usually makes great compositions, one of them I have which is Pure White Linen, a beautiful summer floral fragrance. Beyond Paradise is a tropical flop but there are some who would love it.

Thats the funny thing about perfume, some love what others can’t wear.This fragrance is classified as a Prismatic floral (according to the Estee Lauder site) I didn’t know there was such a catagory and I didn’t know there was such an awful perfume such as this one. It is weak and watered down which is unusual for an Estee Lauder fragrance since they have always been long lasting vibrant smelling.

This one isn’t for me but strangely enough, I am still spraying it on myself since I have a 1/2 full bottle of it ( obtained at a cheap price). Sometimes I smell gardenia/banana or whatever it is and sometimes this pretty floral scent comes through. I read the different scents in the perfume, most of which I don’t recognize.

a later update:  I’m keeping this one.  Sometimes it’s a little too sweet, non the less, there is a beautiful real floral note in there that is pleasant to get a whiff of.  It’s one I like to spray in hot weather.   Beyond Paradises for men  is the one I really want to try.  That one may be the one for me.  Heard it was real good.


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