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The Danger of Harry Potter kids on your block

The danger of kids on your block reading this trash is that it ends up permeating their thinking and leads them away from a Holy God .

Here’s a good article that reveals what Harry Potter is all about which can be found at http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/007/phoenix-movie.htm (sorry, this link thing isn’t working so it doesn’t take you there when you click on it).

This article is a book review on “the Order of the Phoenix”. Bert Kjois the author talks about what happens when kids read these occultic books and he lists 6 specifics that happen and supports each one with a scripture verse. In my own words here are his 6 points:


  • Reading these books takes away a love for God,
  • makes evil look desirable, promotes fantasy over truth,
  • values based on culture of the day and not on the Word of God,
  • Changes the meaning of Biblical words,
  • has kids following other kids that are in this occultic junk

Even at the local Walmart there are night time parties offered right inside Walmart for this book coming out on the shelves that will change a persons thinking to have mixed up ideas which leads them away from knowing the Risen Savior, our wonderful Lord who died for their soul, Jesus Christ.

The numbers of the books being sold are unbelievable. Where are all the parents? So many parents are fooled into thinking this is fun and exciting for their kids. On this website “Kjois Ministries”, there are some very informative articles on all the Harry Potter craze. It is a great website to get informed on because you might talk to someone who wants detailed answers on why these books are witchcraft.

The danger of these kids is that they learn to love witchcraft. It infilters the mainstream of society. What are the kids going to do as they get older? probably more witchcraft. Those magic cards are occultic too. I know some “nice” boy-scouts a few years ago who were into them.

I love Kjois Ministries Website for what it all exposes, not only Harry Potter sorcery, but other schemes of trying to deceive people.

Week later update:

I had no idea (I’m writing this a week after this post was made) that at Boy scout camp this year 30 of the 60 something scouts were reading the latest Harry Potter book in their spare time! I wouldn’t have guessed that many boy scouts would be packing the Harry Potter book along for a week of boy scout camp. My source of information is my son who was there at camp.

http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/007/harry-deathly.htm Here’s a new article on the last book.


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  1. jendisjournal

    Another good post! I didn’t get to check out the links yet, but I had researched Harry Potter when the books first started coming out. It is not good at all. Recently I heard that a type of “Harry Potter school” is being opened in England to teach the art of magic. What a sad thing to hear.

    August 1, 2007 at 2:21 am

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