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A really old L'Organ bottle

A L'Origan add from who knows when

My first favorite. I’ll always love it. I like perfume that has been around awhile compared to brand new ones that’s why I now own a vintage small 1/2 filled bottle of L’Origan cologne (created in 1905). I wish it was the parfum but for my $7.84(sh included) I’m happy with the cologne version.

http://boisdejasmin.typepad.com/_/2005/11/fragrance_revie_9.html On this link you can see more information about how important it was as a forerunner to other perfumes. Much of the modern perfume in the stores are super sweet it seems. I think I have an older bottle of it, but the recipe has been changed like most other perfumes, so you are not getting the same thing that was first conjured up if you buy a new bottle of it on-line.

L'Origan from the 50's

It’s powdery, spicy, orange like, roses and beautiful. It’s my all time favorite. I just love it. It’s the most beautiful perfume I’ve ever smelled. I never want to be without it my whole life, the vintage L’Origan especially. Here’s a photo of some vintage L’Origan I found on ebay, half of bottle for a few dollars.

cotylorigan.jpgmy Ebay find

Another update in spring 08 :

I love this perfume even more although there is a big difference between the vintage and the new. Some ingredients went synthetic which the old version doesn’t have.

Another update:

This perfume is absolutely lovely. It’s the oranges and roses together–and the powder. It’s beautiful and I thank God I can get the old stuff on Ebay!


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