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weeding the garden is my hobby

Wow, this weeder is so neat and I just discovered it this summer at Brenda’s house.    She has a garden without 1 visible weed in it, I’m not kidding.  I’ve never seen a garden like that before.    Here’s a photo of this weeder she and her husband use:weeder.jpgLooks like a stir-up for horse riding.   It’s so easy to use and I only have 2 blisters on my hands currently because I use it so much.   My husband bought one the day after visiting Brenda’s garden to my delight.    This weeder can cover a lot of space and you get so much weeding done compared to other gadgets.   Sure glad I discovered this because our garden is so spread out which accounts for a lot of weeds.   About Brenda’s garden, that was no exaggeration about no weeds in her garden!


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