a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Healthy milkshakes/flaxseed oil

Here’s our favorite current milkshake and it is healthy for us too.   I found Barlean’s flaxseed oil recently  which is supposed to fight cancer by  strengthening the immune system with all the omega 3 it contains.  http://www.barleans.com/ We take ours in milkshakes but it’s the ice in the milkshake that makes it so refreshing.  The flax oil makes it healthy.

  • 2 scoops chocolate ice cream
  • a sandwich bag of crushed ice ( use ice cubes and pound them with a hammer)
  • 10 ounces of milk or some plain yogurt (either one)
  • 1 banana in chunks
  • about 2 TBSp of flax seed oil
  • Tbsp of crushed flax (it’s in the bread making aisle)

Mix it all in the blender and it’s so refreashing in this hot weather.  Not too sweet either since you have all the ice and milk in there.   I bought some whip cream spray to put on top to make it a “Starbucks”  fralappee.

On a side note: I put some flaxseed oil in plain  yogurt for my cat and she ate it!


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