a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies



This perfume came out in 1944 and they brought it back, but it is not the same from what I hear. I only have the new version from 1999. Here’s the link from bassnotes perfume website that explains this perfume. Actually, there are better descriptions online about it but, this one will do for now.


It’s too harsh when you first spray it but as a little time elapses, you feel like you walked through the woods with a leather jacket on. Elsewhere I read that it’s a good one to wear when it rains, brings out the green earthy scents . We don’t get a lot of rain where I live so when it does rain- I spray some on!

Galbanum (one of the ingredients) — A resin from a Turkey Persian plant that has a green, spicy woody, balsam like fragrance. One website said it’s used medicinally for boils, bronchitis, lice, wounds, muscle aches plus other things. Galbanum is in Exodus 30:34 in an incense special recipe for the tabernacle.

Bandit ingredients: Neroli, orange, ylang ylang, galbanum, jasmine, rose, tuberose,leather, patchouli, Mousse de chene (an oakmoss) vetiver, musk



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