a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Tea never tasted so good!

When you are recovering from sickness, surgery or shock of bad news then that is the time that a pot of tea taste better than usual. I’ve had some great cups of tea lately. Don’t know why but when you drink tea- it makes you feel so much better.

darjeeling tea

darjeeling tea

  • The Darjeeling tea is so distinct and fine tasting, somewhere on the web I read that it can’t be replicated; it is a one of a kind tea.

tea plantation

  • Black tea is heavier and that fits the bill when you want coffee but are trying not to drink it. Gunpowder tea taste so green when you are in the mood for it.

  • Spring dragon tea is a gunpowder tea which I now am out of but, it was great having it in the house last month. It’s loose tea in tight little balls (big as a small pea) that expands into a leaf when it is in the tea pot.

I’m going to start a binge on ice tea. It’s so good for you. Had some great ice tea in the hospital last week and I told the nurse that I loved that tea! She told me it was just Lipton tea bags and then they put the crushed ice in it. (Hospitals have those crushed ice machines). When you’re in the mood for tea- nothing can substitute it.


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