a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Hair ideas!

longer hair with a poof on top

shorter curls

http://www.hairarchives.com/index.htm Here’s a neat website to explore if you are wanting to try something different and retro with your hair.   I really enjoyed it, especially looking at all those nice brushed hair styles.  You can try some of the hair-dos and modernize it.  I have my hair up in sponge rollers right now as I was looking it over, complete with a spray of  Bandit perfume on from the 40’s (although it’s the re-version of it).

I’m appreciating my hair these days since I might have chemotherapy  sometime  this summer which will make my hair fall out.   I bought some curl balm (Regis brand from Walmart) and it works great on my straight hair.  It’s one of the  (there are hundreds of em)   dippity dews that are on the shelves these days.     It’s fun to get out of a hair rut and do something different, even more so since spring is here.


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