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Deanna Durbin movies from the 40’s

Deanna Durbin at about 18 yrs oldHer singing is beautiful and she’s still living (80 something years old). Wonder what perfume she wears? 100 men and a girl (made in 1937) is my favorite one I’ve seen of her so far. Leopold Strvowsky the famous orchestra conductor is in that one. Deanna Durbin sing Mozarts Allehluiajah in F major- it’s beautiful. That was the 3rd movie she made (out of 21) and it was about 100 unemployed musicians who made up an orchestra and the “girl” in the title of the movie is Deanna Durbin!

We’ve seen 8 others as well which are as follows: Three Smart girls, Mad about music, First Love, It’s a Date, Nice Girl? It Started with Eve, Can’t help singing, Something in the Wind (not as good as the rest), and lastly- Lady on a train.

She’s so cheery and funny that we just love watching her and listening to her sing a few songs in each movie. Her voice is wonderful. Someday we’ll get a CD of her singing. She lives in Paris now and has for a long time. Still wondering what her favorite perfume is…


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  1. moviesmusic

    Deanna Durbin is my fav. movie star! She has the BEST voice! I’ve seen all 21 of hr movies, and they are all great!!

    April 23, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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