a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Hand Salve


Here’s my new jar for the hand salve I make. 2 oz jar for 4.50
Ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, flowers and herbs.

I call it: Elizabethian hand Salve.  It’s great to make something you use everyday.

What is a salve?   Well, there is ointment, salve and balm, all have some sort of oil and wax in them with different consistencies.   They include essential oils  and some are antibiotic, especially if you add neosporin.

My salve has flower heads and herbs steeped in the olive oil to bring out their healing properties in the oils. This winter I added spikenard and myrrh oil to some of  the salve. Guess what else? Green tea bags steeped in the olive oil will give me my Green Tea Salve. Celestial Seasoning orange herbal tea is my “orange spice” if you see that on the label.

The Beeswax– I get 8×11 sheets of fragrant wonderful beeswax at Silver Bow Honey. Good high quality beeswax matters. Not all beeswax is high quality , but Silver Bow’s is.

Olive oil- I use Walmarts because it moves fast on the shelf and I know it’s fresh. Olive oil gets rancid fast and has a short shelf life in the super market. Fresh olive oil, high quality beeswax and things steeped in the olive oil….. makes good salve.
 My personal favorite is Lavender Salve.  Will have to wait till July for some fresh lavender to make it.

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