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Cutting up chicken

I want to thank some special pros at getting a chicken ready for the oven. Thank you Jackie and Randy  for your help; was so very happy and speechless by you guys coming here to help me with these chickens. Now I think I can do it by myself next time. Here’s the steps in chronological order of how it went.


photo 1– cut the chickens heads off

photo 2– dip chickens in SCALDING water and start plucking (outside)

photo 3– singe hair off with rolled up lit with match newspaper (come inside now)

photo 4– cut off feet at knuckle of drumstick

photo 5- cut out the crop

photo 6- pull out the windpipe, and something else..?? Can’t remember

photo 7– trim neck off since it gets a little dirty from outside when you cut it

photo 8– start cutting where you see the two fingers pointing to. *see that little thing at the end? That is the oil gland – cut it off (I don’t have a photo of it getting cut off but cut it off).

photo 9– start cutting that opening part

photo 10– put your hand in there and pull out the guts from way back.

photo 11– see that little green thing in the guts? don’t open it, it’s poison or something bad.

photo 12– In my hand is one of the lungs. You go in there and scoop it out in the direction of the ribs because it sticks to the ribs.

There you have it! I’m so glad I can now get a chicken ready all by myself thanks to the chicken pros that helped me- forgot 2 more chicken pluckers- Skyler and Luke.



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