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Guarding the home takes time

The blog called “Guard the Home”  is worth talking about. I’ve never met Mrs Sherman, the author, but I sure do think she hits the nail on the head with everything she writes.  I don’t go on the site as regular as I should but none the less, she affirms these beliefs of hers to me and I agree with her.

The url was “save the home” but now it is Guardthe home.blogspot.com.   I had a hard time googling it.  The link on the right side of my page  “Guard the Home” still works  and if it doesn’t then you can find the Guard the Home link on the LAF website (Ladies Against Feminism).

Each post is good and true. She puts into words what I believe about the home. The topics presented need to be heard. Some people are just wise and she’s one of them. Thank you Mrs Sherman.

Dee Millers website

Dee Miller guards the home too but in a different sense- Its just a good website for a mom with children of all ages.  She was a missionary to Africa for 10 years with her husband and has a story to tell. Here is her and her husbands website:  www.takecourage.org Her husband makes a good point about what the “frightening truth” is as he describes the reality of our society.

“The most frightening truth for most is that we live in a society that is dangerous, especially for women and children”.*

It is a good website for moms to read.  Women and children really are put in situations where it is dangerous to their well being and it happens more often than anyone ever talks about.  Moms need to be with their kids and just be on guard.

*(can be found on the first line of his paragraph on the page “Ron Speaks”.)


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