a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Still thinking perfume!


Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr is all about Lucas Turin the perfume expert. I’m expanding my horizons when thinking about perfume and am not confined to the Rite Aide and Walmart glass cases anymore. I acquired a helpful education on chemistry, molecules, and why the shape theory goes out the window. Lucas Turin knows his chemicals.

He has this knack for describing the scents involved in a perfume by verbalizing it right on the nose! I like his description of a perfume called Taboc Blonde by Caron–A phonetic fragrance "like a woman smoking cigars and driving too fast." The combinations in some of these perfumes would surprise you greatly.

This book broaden my perfume knowledge

There are many different woodsy scents- musty ones, clear ones, rained on ones, dry ones and on and on… He’s french and he favors french perfume. Tommy Girl is a good American one he says and was made by a Russian woman. He says Italian perfumes are boring and predictable but I love them. I used to wear Fendi years ago before I was married as well as Pablo Picasso too and I didn’t even know they were Italian perfumes at the time. I’m into roses now, spicy roses.

I remember the quick mention in the book about an aristocrat escaping execution somewhere in Europe and she stepped off the carriage dressed in pheasant clothes but her elegant expensive perfume revealed that she was not a pheasant but a wealthy woman. She probably got the guillotine.

Lady Diana’s bath soap was Yves St Laurent Riva Gauche. It gets stronger instead of weaker as you wear it. He says when you travel use scented soap instead of perfume that can break or get lost. Do you know what I did about 8 years ago? I bought some lavender soap from France and it was only a dollar a bar! It was the longest lasting most rich smelling lavender I ever had. After shipping and handling it was 3.00 a bar but still a good price.

Shalimar perfume has the best vanilla available says Dr. Turin. Now I now what the distinct scent was way back when I was younger and my Mom would walk in the room … that Shalimar didn’t trail behind her– no, it announced her presence in the room and came before she did! that was her signature perfume and still is.


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