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carmel apples and chicken garden pen

Carmel apples

taffy-apples-friday-oct-20th-06.JPG We’ve been making these delicious carmel apples with golden delicious apples and galas. They’re tricky, even with a candy thermometer. The last batch was a little too “taffyish” but still good. Used the whip cream/ sugar /corn syrup recipe . Forget buying those little carmels once you make it from scratch!

Chicken Garden pen

This moveable chicken pen can be moved by one person but works better with two. It is the 2 sections connected- the PVC pipe square (tarped for shelter) and the “courtyard” attached consisting of 5 feet of cattle fencing . The 2 sections are connected by cable ties.

When my husband gets to work for something for the chickens, wow, I’m happy. I ran out to the garden with a hot cup of coffee for him when he was setting it up! Then after I studied it… I said it’ll blow away. He said no it won’t. I said yes it could since I saw a PVC pipe chicken pen on a website once blown over sitting on it’s side. He disagreed. We’ll see when the next wind whips up. Purpose of the pen: to fertilize the garden (in case you’re wondering).

oct2484.JPG oct2483.JPG oct2486.JPG oct2487.JPGgarden-chicken-pen-baseball-bat-roost.JPG chicken-garden-pen-silver-tarp.JPG

photo 1 cattle fence in a roll. When it all got assembled, we used the big bright colored plastic tie things that lock into place (Cable ties they are called! 8 inch ones) to tie the fencing to the PVC pipe frame.

photo 2 PVC pipe square (notice to the left the pipe on the floor that will hold the 2 nesting boxes, green one is already there). He used the special glue for PVC pipe to connect the PVC pipes.

photo 3 pen is in the garden with tarp over it . We still have to tarp the sides. Don’t think you can see it but I have an old red baseball bat set in the corner of the PVC pipe house part for a roost. 2 other roosts are there that were stakes for the tomatoes in garden this summer. There is an attached run to the PVC pipe house so they can run around and eat the garden grass.

photo 4 close up of nesting boxes with ceder shavings in them. The older layer hens are going out there in the garden.

photo 5 Red baseball bat roost! ( I thought of that one). Problem with chickens is that you build something nice like nesting boxes or roosts and they don’t use them sometimes but I’ve seen them roosting on this bat (hurray!).

photo 6 We put this big silver tarp over the blue one so the whole PVC pipe square can be covered for shelter. You can put your hand in here and get the eggs from the nesting box.

Don’t forget to anchor this pen down or else a strong wind could pick up your chickens, pen and all and hurt them bad.


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