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American Girl movie review- Felicity

Look what we found at the public library- felicityThe American Girl movie of Felicity. It was fun to watch because I love that time period. Felicity is respectful and is taught restraint which is good to see. When I was 10 years old I had the privilege of going to Williamsburg Virginia with my parents and brother while my other 5 brothers and sisters stayed at home with a babysitter. I think it was some bar convention for my dad (lawyer) that brought us there. Felicity turns ten in the movie and lives in Williamsburg VA during the American Revolution.http://www.americangirl.com/movie/felicity/index.php   (The Movie’s website)

What I remember about my trip was everyone dressed up in the time period costume and I had a blacksmith make me a horseshoe with my name on it….spoon bread at every meal (it was delicious) served by waiters in gray ponytails and looking so authentic.

My observations about the movie

I detected Civil war music. Where was the revolutionary flavor in the music?

Felicity’s dress came down pretty low at the neckline and I can’t imagine a ten year old wearing such a low neckline back in the 1700’s. The portrayal of that time period was fascinating to me, the Revolutionary war part of history. Felicity’s maturity seemed so far beyond 10 years old which was a little far fetched but when I read Sue Barton Books (the nurse from the late 40’s) she too seemed much more advanced in decision making and maturity that an average young nurse but, it was my daughter that reminded me – the author of the book wasn’t 20 years old as Sue Barton was, she was much older.

samanthaSamantha movie not as good

We watched the Samantha American Girl movie too but I didn’t like that one as much since Samantha’s wasn’t as family centered as Felicity’s movie was. Samantha’s theme was “change the world and make a difference” by her Aunt holding meetings for women to be able to vote and by her speech on the evils of child labor factories.

There is a scene that should have been omitted, the one where Samantha is sad at night and goes out in the dark next door to get her friend to talk over her woes and they sleep in the boat house by the lake. We imitate things we see on DVD’s, even mannerisms, beliefs as well as actions. I hope girls don’t think it normal to run out of the house at night.

About the author of the books

I liked Felicity’s movie better. That is all I’m saying.  Felicity is more family orientated. It is amazing how many girls will watch this movie. About the author- Valerie Tripp, I found a 20 minute video on-line about her as she explained how she writes her books and gets her ideas. She mentioned that she wants the viewer (5 through 10 year old girl and some up to 15) to form their own ideas and opinions. I realized an example would be:

1–When Felicity isn’t sure to be a loyalist or a patriot

2–Samantha wondering if women should vote, which side she was on

Interesting to hear from the author. I don’t have a link to that 20 minute video but you can find it by goggling her name. She said the Molly book was the first one she wrote and parts of the book were from her upbringing. I’m curious what the Indian girl’s movie will be like when it comes out since she was of a new age depiction and the Native American Indians didn’t want Jesus the Son of God, only the Heavenly Father which means: no Christian background.   I  would like to see Kirsten’s movie.  Was looking online to find out about Addy’s author but didn’t find out anything on how she got the ideas for the book.

Favorite scene

Here is my favorite scene in the movie: The fireplace roaring and the tall tall candles lit on the dinner table with everyone around it.   This winter I’m going to start having those tall candles in candle stick holders at the dinner table. Thanks Felicity for the great idea! or should I say- thanks to the props people at the movie studio.


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