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making your own dress form

dress-form-1.jpg dress-form-2.jpg dress-form-3.jpg Get the idea?  Neat isn’t it.  I’m making my very own personal dress form to fit my tiny figure.   That’s what is on my mind today- home-made dress forms!  I’ll have to wait till I can get out to shop for the tape I’ll need.  It’s the way to go when you want to sew a dress and need a good fitting bodice.  A new dress that looks good is so nice to have, it makes your day!  I’m just a novice seamstress but with this dress form everything will work out.   http://vintagesewing.info/1920s/26-fcm/fcm-24.html Here’s the webpage I found these dress form making instructions.  There are a few others on the web too, one which uses duct tape.

Update on the dress form!  (october 5th,06)

2 weeks later I finally made my own, or should I say- my kids  wrapped me up in the paper and made it.  I used the “vintage website “page  as my guide, here’s how it worked out for me: dress-form-of-top.JPG dress-form-finished-oct-5-06.jpg This is my dress form sitting on the dresser.  When it was cutting time, I decided to cut  right through the dress  for more sturdiness to the dress form.  I’m glad I did since it sits better on the dresser with the dress under it.   This took about an hour and a half with my son and daughter  taping me into a mummy.

Luckily an hour before we started this, the UPS man came with a box of jars for the salve I make.  Inside the box was a lot of brown wrapping paper  crumpled up for padding.  We used it and this dress form turned out all the better for it.  We mixed paper strips with tape strips to achieve the sturdiness needed.   The vintage sewing page says to use heavy gummy paper which maybe was more plentiful in the 30’s when the article was written but I couldn’t find any.

Use duck tape! What I used wasn’t stiff enough. If I had to do it over again I think I’d use duct tape.   What I used was ready mask painting tape (scotch brand) and another brand- Henkel Duck masking tape, both  were side by side on the shelf at Walmart in the painting isle.

I stuffed the dress form with crumpled up newspaper when it was finished but I have to measure the form for accurate measurements to see if it needs a little more stuffing here and there.  The batting stuff you get in the craft store is nice to stuff it with, just more expensive than newspaper.

Wondering why my dress form doesn’t look like the one in the photo  above it?(the photo from the vintage sewing site).   The answer is that my shape is more like a big block rather than the curved shape in the first photo.  We’re all different!


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