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Finished chicken coop

Jun10$33.JPGcutting the siding(recycled tin) with a circular saw .  *Note: This coop was 8ft X 5ft inside and about 7 feet high.

 chicken coop window.JPGchicken coop good view.JPG   Window is in!  (west view)   notice the little door that the chickens will go in.   

 Jun10$30.JPG  Siding goes on with a screw gun.  Here's the opening for the door. (camera made the structure look tilted)

Jun10$32.JPG  There's the door I go in every day.  It was our bedroom closet door and we didn't need it so, here is a better use for it.  The chicken on the door was given to me years ago.  I put it up there with a screw gun. 

 One big mistake-the slant on the roof is going toward the chicken courtyard, it was supposed to go to the back of the coop so the water would run off there.  We'll put up a gutter to catch all the water.

Cost of the coop was between $20.00 – $30.00 because almost everything was free.

  • screws for screw gun  about         8.00
  • hinges/screws for door               4.00
  • window                                       5.00
  • caulking  and spray foam             12.00
  • nails                                           5.00
  • wood                                          free
  • tin for the siding                          free
  • pretty wood chicken on door         free
  • door                                           free
  • nesting box inside                        free
  • roosts inside*                              free
  • blade for borrowed circular saw     3.oo

*the inside roosts were from two spindles that came off of the porch at one time

There was one big cost that we had hoped our car insurance will cover— Some tin went through the window of the car while transporting it.  We're driving around without a back passenger window for now, good thing it is summer time.

A big thank you to my chicken coop making husband…THANKS.  I'm so grateful to him for making this for me.   Men have a lot of physical stamina for hours of exhausting work.  I could hardly keep up with him as I was working on it too.  Ibruprofen and water helped. 


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