a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Loose Tea is my favorite

use a tea ball

use a tea ball

I love loose tea instead of tea bags but, try finding any of it at Walmart! That is where I end up grocery shopping most often.  The only loose tea I found last week was Lipton loose tea. I tried it and it was all right but, you have to use a lot at any one given time.  Thank goodness you can get tea online.

loose tea

This last year I had some tea in a nice looking cardboard canister that my sister gave me and I didn’t know how good that particular tea was until it was all gone. Taylor of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea was the name of it (like the photo below although mine was in a canister).

There are so many teas out there, wow, you could spend all winter reading about tea and the different blends that make up good choices to buy, so for now I’m drinking Lipton loose tea until I get something else.


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