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What we do for fun

2 close up chicken

Here’s the chicken courtyard and the ducks had to go in there for a little while last spring until their grass grew back.

What we do for fun around here:  brown books Encyclopedia Brown books! I like that boy, Encyclopedia Brown. Even though they are 5th/6th grader level books, we derive so much fun out of them. He solves a case and then you go to the end of the book to “see who done it”. We all read it and guess the outcome. Totally family, totally fun. We’ve been on E-bay today looking for more of his books, the old ones like this book cover shown.  The newer ones are usually changed and not as good.

The author, Donald Sobol, published his first Encyclopedia Brown mystery book 42 years ago and after that, about one a year.  Ten short cases are in each book that include a back page number to lead you to the big clue to how the case was solved.  I haven’t done any research on this author as I usually do when reading something of interest  but, I will get to that eventually.  I don’t know if the author is still alive as I’m thinking he must be up there in years.  Have any old  Encyclepedia Brown books to sell us?  We’d gladly accept!


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