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Isabella Alden- a special author

Isabella Alden, a great author from the late 1800's

Isabella Alden, a great author from the late 1800's

Her books are for grown ups as well as children.

She’s a special author who is now with the Lord but is still worthy of much attention on account of her (almost 100) books that she authored. This is Christian reading at its best and even though it is fiction reading, many of the plots and characters were taken from her real life experiences of being a Pastor’s wife somewhere around New York in the mid 1800’s which leads me to believe her writings are not all fiction.

People get saved in her books and grow in the Lord. There are marriages and would be marriages in many of the books which are presented in a wholesome way. These are not romance novels at all. Some of her books are geared to younger girls and some to boys and some are favorites of grown women.

The issue of drinking alcohol is brought up in lots of the books and she writes about it effectively. Keep in mind of the time period of when she is writing ( 1860-1930) and you realize that some things never change. Liquor and immorality go together and will always be a temptation for young people. She hates strong drink too and I believe one book in particular made a lasting impression on my son when he read it. “Three People” was the name of that book.  I wonder how common it was for moms to put hard liquor in the baby’s bottle to get them to sleep at night?  It happened in her book.

I love this author so much , one reason for that is her understanding of sin and human nature is obvious. A Pastor’s wife often has good wisdom about discerning character which is the case with this author. Keepers of the Faith out of Ironwood MI is where you can find reprints of her books at a fair price.

Do you like history? How about that specific time period in which she is writing? Folks really did get run over by carriages, trampled on by the horses. We are a product of our time period in history. She’s a special author; Pansy was her nickname and you can find out more about her online.

photo from readseries.com website


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