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A true story of a young ladies salvation

This is a true story of how a young 18 year old girl came to know Jesus as her Saviour.

It was 1978 and this young looking 18 year old had a lot of questions about what to do next in her life. It is a crossroads for many a young person approaching their twenty’s with all the many decisions to make for the future. Up and down the busy State street that connected Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin to the State Capitol was a steady flurry of activity as the college crowd mingled in and out of the many stores on that long “street” that covered more than a few blocks.

state street madison

State street in Madison WI facing the State capital

Off of State street hid a quiet little book store filled with books about the bible and nothing more, unusual for the liberal town of Madison. In the door she went in hopes to find some answers to the pressing questions about God that she had. This was a rare bookstore in that you could check out the books as you would in a library. On her way home this young 18 year old girl knew there would be answers for her in these books. Weeks before finding this bookstore, all she could find were bookstores on State street containing books with thin old men on the cover wearing long beards who looked like they were living on rations of rice and not much water. Eastern religion ideas were plentiful in State Steet book stores.

Weeks later there came a knock on the door and there stood a nice Jehovah Witness couple- Tom and Barb. Tom was a fireman and Barb was in her 30’s tall and mature looking. It would have seemed that God sent them just at the time that this young 18 year old girl was searching for something spiritual about God other than her Catholic background. Months later she was told that Jesus is Michael the Archangel from the couple that gave her a bible. As naive as she was, she still knew that Micheal the Archangel could not be the Jesus that is in the bible.

The Holy Spirit is real and will lead one into the truth if one is sincerely searching. This young 18 year old was almost 19 now after a year of looking for spiritual answers. God hadn’t answered her prayers of meeting someone who can answer the  questions she had, were her thoughts at this point.  That very day while landing a job at a daycare downtown by the old MATC building, a lady who was babysitting her little niece in the church courtyard gave her the phone number of another Christian lady who could help in her pursuit of answers about God. Soon after calling the phone number, this almost 19 year old young lady came to know her need of a Saviour in the living room of the Christian mom who’s number she dialed. It took a while (almost a year of praying and searching) but the answers came! What she found out was this:

  • You cannot get to heaven by good works, but only by Jesus who’s blood atonement covered our sins. We put our faith in what Jesus did on the cross for us.

  • she found out that she was fooled by thinking she was going to heaven and God would accept her just as she was (friendly, and nice to everyone) without calling on Jesus to save her.

  • This was news to her: Romans 5:9—“Much more than, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” The salvation of a believer in Jesus is secure and cannot be taken away this verse showed her.

  • All people have broken Gods law therefore there needs to be a redeemer (The book of Romans shows that).

  • Acts 26:18    “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins,  and inheritance among them which are  sanctified by faith that is in me.”   This is what Jesus said to Paul in the book of Acts.  It’s what Paul was to tell us through what he wrote.


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