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Handel’s Messiah

I ordered a used Handel’s Messiah double CD set on Amazon.com and it finally came, just the thing to brighten up the dead of winter. It’s been 20 years since I have owned a cassette tape of it and now with high school age children in the home; the time is right to hear it again. It’s good music from the baroque period and has all 4 stages of Jesus’ life—the birth, death, resurrection and his return that is yet to come.

It’s an oratorio. That is a large musical composition consisting of the chorus, solos and orchestra. It is not an opera but similar to one. An opera has costumes, scenery and acting and the oratorio does not.

george handel

George Handel

While reading online all about Handel, even yet more interesting was  reading about his Father who was a physician.  The Messiah was intended to be played at Easter time because the theaters were closed then, which made it easy for people to attend a benefit performance since they would not have tickets to the theater.


the man who wrote the words to the Messiah- Mr. jennens

Handel wrote the music to it after another man (Jennens) wrote the words or otherwise called: the libretto . Those are just a few circumstances surrounding the origins of his great concert “The Messiah”. At Christmas time our family got to see it preformed live at the local tech/community college .

Pastor Paulson: I have Pastor Paulsen from Touchet Baptist church to thank for having me think about purchasing “The Messiah”. He mentioned it in his Absolute Music Series that I downloaded and listened too off his website.


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