a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Excerpt from “Beautiful Girlhood”

I have an old hard cover Beautiful Girlhood book with Mable Hale’s photo inside the cover.  What a treasure.

Beautiful girlhood book- not abridged

taken from page 156- 158 of the book “Beautiful Girlhood” by Mabel Hale, 1922 in the chapter on : The Quiet Hour

When the mind is tired, let the books or problems be put aside, and go to the quiet room, or better still, into the great outdoors…..But the quiet hour is best for the wearied spirit. The girl gets into this spirit-weary condition more often than some suppose. Plans are broken or frustrated, work that is unpleasant and entirely undesirable has to be done, misunderstandings come between her and her mother or others, she is reproved….

Prayer is more than the saying of words with the body in a certain position. It is talking with God, telling him of your joys and hopes and desires, and receiving back his answer to your own heart making you know the things that please him. The Christian gains much by meditating on the will and Word of God.


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