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Magic cards and Boy Scouts

benevolent unicorn

Magic cards are Satan’s tools to capture the hearts and minds of young people. The quest for power is so appealing to our carnal nature. I’ve been exposed to Magic cards through boy scouts, my son’s troop. The occultic pictures on the cards are enough to show you that this is the occult. Why do you think that the Eagle Scouts in the troop are playing this occultic game? Power. Satan shows them that they can have power over people and circumstances and they fall for it. This unicorn card says: Whenever a spell assigns damage to a creature or player, that damage is reduced by 1.

photo of boyscouts playing magic cards that I just got off the web!

Four Eagle Scouts in one troop is prestigious in the Boy Scout realm but if they are all into magic Cards then they do not have any creditability. The nature of Boy Scouts is not Christian which means their campfire time won’t be an edifying time of a man giving a devotion out of Gods Word so, why go?  There is nudity and awful death occultist stuff on other majic cards, I only posted one, the unicorn card which looks tame compared to the others.It’d be better for a few wise Dad’s to go through 1st and 2nd Timothy or the book of Romans with a group of boys than to have the boy scouts camp fire time with a secular troop.


One response

  1. Doug

    Wow, is this post being serious or sarcastic? If this is real, then I’m genuinely appaled at the ignorance of the author.

    I’ve played Magic for years, and I’ve never seen anything but positivity come from it. The game creates opportunities for people to be social, learn strategy, logic, math and other thinking skills.

    You argue that “Power” is the reason people play this game? You really believe people think they can have power over other people by playing a GAME?

    April 16, 2011 at 1:02 am

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