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What Blue Grass Music is lacking

Blue Grass Christian music is lacking the majesty of God that hymns have and it is all in the timing. I surely don’t understand it all but I do know this: even the mildest BCC song is folksy and omits the majesty of who you are singing about–a wonderful Saviour who redeemed us. Some BC songs give the feeling of being on a roller coaster and you can’t get off it and yet, other songs are milder, kind of story-telling singing which can have a sweetness to them but the rhythm still goes in the melody to make it distinctly blue grass which makes it different from Godly music.


The more you listen to BGCM the more you can like it because one can get used to whatever is heard repeatedly so, people get used to a type of music that is not pleasing to God even though it is to God they are singing.

In the Sound of music Maria (Julie Andrews) sings beautifully and just as she says to the children “One word for every note” in the Do Re Me song has to do with the timing. It’s all in her timing. I love hearing her sing in that movie because she sings well, no off beats, slides or scoops to make it sensual sounding and there is no folksy sound with off beats in her singing or music ( and she isn’t praising God but just singing like you should as far as the timing goes).

I’m excited to be getting the Handel’s Messiah real soon. Years ago I had a tape of it but now I’ll be purchasing a double CD set of it.

Pastor Paulson from Touchet WA has a church  website  with a good section on music that is all ready to download, sermon by sermon.   He explains the history and language of music  as it pertains to the Christian in a way that you can grasp it all.  Pastor Paulson’s music link is on the right side of the page.


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