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straw bale gardening means a lot of digging

straw bale gardening means a lot of digging

Newly dug out holes in the straw bales for my tomato plants. I could not dig these! A strong man did. I tried, but it was impossible. Wet straw composting doesn’t cut easy. No one tells you this on straw bale “how to” sites. I found only one person on the web telling it l like it is-There is one blog that told how hard it was to make the holes in wet straw-http://mostuncivilizedadventure.blogspot.com/2010/05/straw-bale-gardening.html

This blog “most uncivilizedadventure” shows two guys with a soil auger as they stand on top of the straw bale. The moral to the story is to cut the holes BEFORE you start wetting down the bales. Cut into the straw bales when they are dry if you are going to pursue straw bale gardening!!


4th generation perfumer

I love this man- Jean Paul Guerlain, for all his perfume achievements in his life. He brought so much luxury and joy to others in the form of his perfumes. Habit Rouge is such a favorite of mine. I have 2 empty bottles on my shelf from years past. It’s time to wear it again. I love it.
I posted this in July 2010, and I  just have to replay it. The best part of his talk is the strawberry pie his mom ordered for his birthday the day the germans came to evict everyone from the apartment building.

Spring hen photos


ImageI took the
QC supply Hanging Tube Poultry Waterer down for the winter, and got  it back up and running yesterday.  The hens went to it right away the minute I hooked it up.  I give them water in buckets too, besides the chicken nipple Waterer, but if I’m late on filling the water buckets, they will not run out of fresh water.

One of the nipples was missing, so luckily I had extra.  The red part was attached, but the silver part was out.  It was easy to fix.  With pliers, I pulled out the red part.  The black rubber ring was still intact, so after pulling out the red plastic, I inserted another red plastic/with metal thing.  I pushed it up for a snug fit against the rubber ring.  All fixed!  I don’t know how to link one post to another, so if you want to see the post on the nipple Waterer, it’s on august 6, 2013





Look at this squash soup!

Look at this squash soup!     When this comes out of my garden, I will make this luscious squash soup and serve  it in drinking glasses like the photo shows.   I’m having trouble with getting the links to the recipe and photo of squash soups… anyway, there are a lot of squash soups recipes online.   A few years ago, I froze batches and batches of tomato soup.  They were pretty good in the months to come, and I added squash to those batches.

territorial winter buttercup kabocha squash

The squash soup in drinking glasses  from the link is just what I will make when the winter buttercup kabocha squash is ready. I only have one seedling that germinated of this squash, so I better baby it and make sure I don’t plant it too soon; don’t want it to freeze.

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plastic pots washed out for transplanting

Time to transfer little plants to bigger pots

Time to transfer little plants to bigger pots.  They just got hosed out.  I learned the hard way that the pots must be clean, or you contaminate the new plant, so now I keep the pots clean.


2 hens probably going in to lay an egg

2 hens probably going in to lay an egg

“She’s taking way too long in there… I got to lay my egg!”

Parsley plant


        I had a good parsley  salad from this parsley plant.  Can’t wait to get this big parsley plant outdoors, but I have to wait till May, when it won’t freeze over night.  It’s a flat parsley that I started from seeds.   The little paper came off the stick and I don’t know where I got the parsley seeds from.   I started this plant from seeds, I think it was back in  October, or November.  It is kept  under the fluorescent lights indoors.  That is how it grew so big.



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