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heat wave



About the time of those fires a week ago, it got to 106 one day!  I think it broke a record.  Don’t remember it getting past 100 degrees over the years.  I open the gate so the hens can leave the courtyard, and camp out under the plum trees in the backyard. Have to make sure they have cold water all day.  Their feeder stays under the plum trees too (not shown).   

Graffiti trains came by yesterday



The trains had to stop ;sat week for a few days on account of the fires, but they are coming through now.  On the 13, Sunday, lot of smoke came over the hills from 2 hrs away when everything was burning.



I wonder who does all this Graffiti?  On this particular train, I couldn’t make out what it was.  Maybe it was a few layers of graffiti. 

maleficent movie



I was in the backseat of the car in Seattle  and ended up at the movie house.  When  you are with young adults; spontaneous things happen.   We watched  an analysis of high cheek bones at various angles  the Maleficent movie.   I really liked the sparkles in her lipstick and would like to get that brand, only in a more face-friendly shade. The movie  really did concentrate on the high cheek bones of Maleficent in every scene.

This is my take on it- the whole movie was about revenge.  You don’t mess with Maleficent and hurt her feelings, and not come out burned.  She got her revenge.   I know it was fiction, but in real life, we have to leave vengeance to God.  


  2 Thessalonians 1:6

Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;


Romans 12:19

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather, give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.


Many hurts and ill treatment we have to leave with God.  She got her revenge by putting the curse on the baby of the King who did her wrong.  When she’s doing something intense, her eyes turn green.  Is that demon strength or something?

We just go on and live for God, and keep going to his Word every day.  We’ll get strengthened and won’t get sucked up in all the worlds ways.  Thank God for all the books that were written after Jesus rose from the dead.  Those are so special to us for our daily times of bible reading.   Thank God for all the other sections of God’s Word too.

They talk to each other



They communicate, not talk, but that is why hens belong in a flock, not just 4 at a time. Every community has their  “4 chickens allowed” rule, but they are suited  for at lest  15 for a small flock, preferably more. It was 100 degrees  today!  I keep cold water in the buckets, with electrolytes in the water.  The big waterers get warm so quickly, so in this heat, these white buckets I get from Walmart’s bakery work best.

Mystery Rooster



Thank you to whoever left this on my doorstep.  It was a few months ago and, there it was by the front door, with no note or nothing.  Every time I walk past it on the table, I smile.  Thank you- whoever you are!!  I love this little chicken.  It’s nice to be thought of.

Lime Water


It’s in the fridge now.  Saw a big jar of this downtown today, so I though I needed one too!  Next time I’ll add  a cut up orange and lemon.  I added some lavender buds.  In the 90’s this week.




The Miting



Read any good books lately?   I did.  I’ve been trying out Amish fiction, and this is the 5th book I read.  First time reading something of this author.  They are all different, because  there are different sects of Amish.  This one is an old order strict group, and  poor Leah gets punished for reading a bible and trusting Jesus Christ for her way to heaven.   The old order Amish is a cult.  Satan is the author of confusion.   I’m sure this book  was all true,  as it was most likely someones true story.

I read somewhere online that the Amish fiction books put christian beliefs into the Amish circles, and it isn’t always accurate. This book seems accurate and christian beliefs are not falsely written into the Amish way.  Their way to heaven is gained by following the bishop and all he says.

Here’s Satan’s confusion: when they died at the stake from being a christian some 300 years ago, those martyrs would have never dreamed that the people coming from them 300 years later would not accept Gods way to heaven (through Jesus Christ).   Satan had his way by bringing in confusion , by means of not letting the people read an english bible .

 The old order Amish  get the word of God from what the bishop says and no interpretation of their own.  This sounds like way back when the bible in the Catholic church was chained to the altar (or table) and no one had a bible in their home.  This book is what real old order Amish believe.  Glad I read it!


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